Daryl is an animal health industry veteran (37 years) and former CEO of Ceva Biomune, a division of CEVA Sante Animale, where he oversaw all biologics research and development, regulatory affairs and compliance, production, and all support-related functions for their 400-employee, 300,000 sq. ft. production and warehouse operations. Prior to Ceva, Daryl was Senior Manager of Technical Operations for Novartis Animal Health and Director at Wyeth/Fort Dodge Animal Health.

Daryl has extensive experience in all aspects of operations management including Research & Development, Bioreactor, Downstream Processing, Lyophilization, Sterile Filling, Product Development, Inventory and Capacity Planning, Facility Capital and Manufacturing Budgets, P&L, Purchasing, Warehouse Control, Technology Implementation, Facility Consolidations and Closures, Bargaining Unit Negotiations, as well as quality and regulatory compliance of USDA (9-CFR), CFIA, FDA (21-CFR) and European Communities Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) GMP.

Outside of the office, Daryl dedicates his time to his family and community. His leadership, work ethic, motivation, vision, and passion for work force development were utilized on numerous civic, state bio-science industry, and business development boards.

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