Good documentation practice is an essential skill for technicians working in the industry.  This credential demonstrates mastery in navigation of an SOP (Standard Operating Procedure), the ability to identify critical errors in an SOP, and perform a task using an SOP while completing a batch record. Our in-person assessment ensures earners of this credential have appropriate training in SOP and documentation.

Earners of this credential have shown mastery of the following tasks:

  • Communicate the answers to prompts about specific parts of an SOP.

  • Evaluate an SOP for compliance with good documentation practice.

  • Complete a batch record accurately.



When you are ready to schedule your credential assessment, ensure that you can complete the tasks listed below: 

  • Answer specific questions about an SOP 

  • Identify multiple errors in an SOP

  • Perform a simple task following an SOP and upon completion, fill out a batch record documenting work completed



For your $20 credential fee, you will be assessed in-person on the tasks listed above and issued a digital credential through Badgr.  Our evaluators are available on a flexible schedule.

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Credential Alignment

Washington Biotechnology/Biomedical Skill Standards

  • D3. Enter and manage laboratory information electronically

    • Data is entered accurately.

    • Data is correctly cross-referenced and aligns with the linear progression of the work and the experiment methodologies and outcomes.

  • C3. Review data and reports for compliance Data forms are complete, accurate, and legible and are completed in a timely manner.  Standard operating procedures and guidelines are correctly documented.


Texas Biomanufacturing Skill Standards

1.1 Follow Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

1.2 Fill out batch records

1.3 Document and analyze data



Skills Category: Workplace Safety and Behavior
• Follow practices associated with regulatory compliance
• Demonstrate good documentation practices, including following Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
• Properly label items, including solutions, buffers, Petri plates, samples, and products

Core Skill Standards for Bioscience Technicians

Critical Work Function: Comply with applicable regulations and standards 

Key Activities 

  • Follow established policies and procedures 

  • Record information according to established procedures 

  • Exercise proper document control

  • Recognize and address nonconformances