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Numeracy skills are critical in a laboratory environment for preventing costly errors.  Numeracy includes skills such as reasonableness, estimation of volumes and sizes, and unit conversions.  This credential represents mastery of these numeracy skills that are needed in a biotechnology laboratory. Our credentials are unique as we require a 3rd party evaluator to assess mastery of this skill in person before issuing this credential.

Earners of this credential have shown mastery of the following tasks:

  • Recognize reasonableness of numbers in laboratory calculation results.

  • Convert units within the metric system.

  • Order numbers based on size.

  • Write and record numbers accurately.


When you are ready to schedule your credential assessment, ensure that you can complete the tasks listed below: 

  • You will be provided with different scenarios that you may encounter in a laboratory.

  • For each question you must evaluate the problem, answer the question, and report the answer clearly and accurately.


For your $20 credential fee you will be assessed in-person on the tasks listed above and issued a digital credential through Badgr.  Our evaluators are available on a flexible schedule.

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