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Erasmus Cover Letter Sample

Below is a sample motivation letter you can use when you’re applying for the Erasmus Program. Remember that this is just a guide and not something you should submit. You have your own letter to write and your own story to tell..

  • Letter of motivation for an exchange semester (Like Erasmus, ISEP) Dear Sir or Madame, I am writing to express my interest in an externship position with the (Student's Exchange Programme) in the (summer of 2012). I am currently studying (State your field of study) at ("XY" University) in (city/state/country). This is my (last year) of studies.

  • Motivation letter for Erasmus Natalia Volkovova Oblakovska, 22/78 Prague, Czech Republic e-mail: +42-858-66589 Tel. Dear Madam, Sir, I am writing to apply for the Erasmus student exchange programme at you University. I would like to spend next semester of my study course at the University of Algarve in Portugal.

  • Dear Sir/Madam, Hereby I would like to express my motivation to take part in in the Erasmus – student exchang program to study for one semester abroad as an exchange student at University of Salzburg. I am nineteen years old, attending second year of studies at the Faculty of Economics and Management Studies, Corvinius University in Hungary.


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