This initial quantitative skills credential emphasizes skills used in making solutions, calculating dosage, and performing calculations given a standard equation.  The quantitative skills level 1 credential is for those wanting to demonstrate mastery of math skills needed in the laboratory.

Earners of this credential have shown mastery of the following tasks:​

  • Evaluate the accuracy and reasonableness of calculations.

  • Convert numbers from standard to scientific notation format.

  • Perform calculations for preparing a weight per volume percent and percent by volume or weight solutions.

  • Perform calculations to determine the amount of solute to add to create a solution, given a final description of normality, molarity, or molality.

  • Perform calculations given a standard equation and one or more variables.



When you are ready to schedule your credential assessment, ensure that you can complete the tasks listed below: 

  • Talk out loud about the problem-solving approach and each step of the calculation 

  • When given a number in standard format, you can provide the number in scientific notation

  • Perform calculations to determine how much solute and solvent to use to prepare a given solution



For your $20 credential fee, you will be assessed in-person on the tasks listed above and issued a digital credential through Badgr.  Our evaluators are available on a flexible schedule.


Washington Biotechnology/Biomedical Skill Standards

  • B2 Conduct simple analyses of data and process information

  • B4 Troubleshoot experiments and equipment and perform data analysis. Mathematical formulae are correctly selected and applied. Correct data set is used. Calculations are properly documented. Data integrity is preserved. Out-of-range or out-of-specifications results are identified.



Skill Category: Applied Mathematics in Biotechnology

  • Use scientific notation, significant digits, and decimals correctly

  • Perform calculations for serial dilutions

  • Perform calculations using dilution ratios

  •  Make conversions within the metric system, and use metric measurements

– Solve Volume/Volume (V/V) and Weight/Volume (W/V) solution calculations
– Solve Molarity solution calculations
– Solve Dilution Factor calculations

Core Skill Standards for Bioscience Technicians

Critical Work Function: Perform mathematical manipulations 

Key Activities 

  • Perform calculations relating to work function


  • Given an equation, and 1 or more values, the student will be asked to solve the equation.