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Concentration and Dilution Calculations

Objective Measured

  • Utilize a binocular light microscope at 4x, 40x, and 100x oil immersion.

  • Identify basic structures of organisms at various magnifications. 

  • Handle the light microscope safely and carefully.

Performance Assessed

  • Safe handling of the microscope.

  • Set up a slide on the microscope.

  • Orientation of the parts of the microscope.

  • Focusing the microscope at the appropriate level.

  • Identify an organism and key structures  under various magnifications.

  • Handling the microscope.

  • Cleaning the microscope as appropriate for use.

Credential Alignment

Washington Biotechnology/Biomedical Skill Standards


Skill Category:

Core Skill Standards for Bioscience Technicians

Critical Work Function:  

Key Activities 

Basic Light Microscopy: Welcome
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